Tsurikawa Wooden Ring ( Pink Strap)

Tsurikawa Wooden Ring ( Pink Strap)

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Tsurikawa (つり革) what are they? and why are they so deeply-rooted with the JDM car scene? Back in the day, Bosozoku gangsters would steal these subway handles and attach them to heavily modified cars and motorbikes in order to show rebellion and disrespect to authority.


Tsurikawa drift charm handles make unique accessory for any car enthusiast, hang it with pride from anywhere inside your car (or anywhere else for that matter). Ready to hang.


Hand made in the UK

Beechwood Ring

Pink Leather strap

Precision engraved Gorilla design

Sturdy brass rivet fixing

Ring outside diameter – 10cm

Strap length – 13cm

You will need to unscrew the brass rivet to install, this can be done by hand or with a flat head screwdriver.

As this Tsurikawa is made from real leather and beechwood, not plastic, it is for decorative/show use only – not suitable as a functional safety handle or hanging from the rear of a car whilst driving.